NY Times Publishes Letter From Save Coney Island

Today, The New York Times published the following letter from Save Coney Island spokesman Juan Rivero under the headline “Poor Plan for Coney Island”: “A Plan for Coney Island” (editorial, July 13) rightly emphasizes the need to revitalize one of New York City’s most iconic and beloved places. Especially welcome are the editorial’s suggestions for […]

Miss Cyclone Telephones Thousands to Save Coney Island

The Bloomberg administration and the City Council are busy secretly negotiating the future of Coney Island with politically connected developers. But they won’t let Save Coney Island and other fans of the “People’s Playground” into the discussion. So Save Coney Island is taking its message directly to the people, with some help from Miss Cyclone […]

Leading Historians: Fix Coney Island Rezoning Plan

Fifteen prominent historians have signed onto an open letter urging the City Council to fix the City’s flawed rezoning plan for Coney Island. Signatories to the letter include Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Ric Burns (“New York,” “Coney Island,” “The Civil War”) and Pulitzer Prize-winning historians Edwin Burrows and Mike Wallace (“Gotham”), along with 12 other […]

Coney Call-In Rally

Created with flickr slideshow. At 12pm on Wednesday, July 15th, Save Coney Island took to the streets to inform people about the City’s Plan for Coney Island. Fueled by passion and prepared with materials explaining the rezoning plan, we encouraged the sunbathers of Union Square to call their city councilperson right then and there. We […]

Save Coney Island Activists Rally Support at Jane Jacobs Ceremony

As New York City honored Jane Jacobs by renaming a portion of Hudson Street for her, a group of admirers — some sporting her distinctive eyewear in homage — showed up at today’s event to highlight the fact that the City’s current rezoning plan for Coney Island violates this urban visionary’s principles. As City Council […]

As N.Y. Honors Jane Jacobs, Her Son Is ‘Appalled’ at Coney Island Rezoning Plan

Ned Jacobs: ‘This rezoning plan for Coney Island does not appear to reflect  the urban values and planning principles she espoused’ Even as City officials gather today on Hudson Street in the West Village to honor urban visionary Jane Jacobs with a long-overdue street renaming, the Bloomberg administration is pushing a disastrous rezoning plan for […]

N.Y. Times Editorial: Double Amusement District’s Size, Remove the ‘High-Rise Barricade’

As the City Council considers the proposed rezoning plan for Coney Island, The New York Times today in an editorial reiterated its support for much-needed improvements to the City’s plan: We like the Municipal Art Society’s idea of doubling the size of the amusement area and removing hotels from the south side of Surf Avenue. […]

Three Phone Calls to Save Coney Island

The Bloomberg administration’s plan to shrink Coney Island’s amusement district and to block it off with four high-rise hotel towers is now before the City Council. There isn’t much time left to request changes to the City’s plan. If you want to save Coney Island, PLEASE CALL your City Council member TODAY (the sooner the […]

A 27-Story High-Rise Above Nathan’s Famous Is Hard to Swallow

As spectators and competitive eaters gather in Coney Island to watch the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, a dark cloud hovers over this iconic eatery. The City’s flawed rezoning plan for Coney Island would endanger Nathan’s Famous and other historic structures in the area. The City’s plan shrinks Coney Island’s […]

The City’s Plan Took a Beating at Wednesday’s Public Hearing

The hearing got off to an inauspicious start — the same tired, thirty minute presentation of the City’s plan, complete with number juggling, fantastical job projections, and inaccurate assertions. The council members, who had heard the same exact pitch three months earlier, were not impressed. One after the other, they challenged the City on its […]